Monday, 24 August 2009

Tribute to Ianto Jones

Last weekend, I went down to Cardiff Bay for lunch. As I walked past the entrance to Torchwood I noticed that there were a number of floral tributes and cards laid out. On clser inspection, I realised that they were in memory of the late Ianto Jones, who died in the most recent series (poor Owen and Tosh never had floral tributes!).

I went down to the Bay again yesterday, and there were more cards and flowers. Also, according to the Torchwood episode 'Fragments', Ianto's date of birth is 19 August 1983. Last Wednesday was the 19 August, and there were now birthday cards and banners laid out amongst the tributes!!

Also, more amusingly, there was a poster for Torchwood's missing pet, which presumably has not been seen since the explosion...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Film Footage

I realised that I had not uloaded stills from the last lot of filming that I did.

So here, for your delectation, they are...