Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The UNIT Acronym

The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce is no more (not the organisation – the name!)!

The last time the full name was used onscreen was by the Ninth Doctor in ‘Aliens of London’. Since then they have only been referred to by the UNIT acronym. This was because, according to writer Russell T Davies, the real United Nations were no longer happy to be associated with the Doctor Who TV show.

However, I discovered today that for the return of UNIT later this year (in ‘The Sontaran Stratagem’) the organisation’s name has been changed to the Unified Intelligence Taskforce.

This doesn’t quite have the same snazzy ring to it, in my opinion. But if it avoids upsetting the UN…

This means that I may have to dub some of Elworthy's lines from Episode 1!! Or I could just leave it, and then change it for all the later episodes - with no explanation! That could be quite cool!

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