Thursday, 17 July 2008

I Return!

Hello, everyone! I am returned from Cyprus!

Well, I actually got back last week but haven’t got round to updating my Blog yet!

Now that I am resettled back into a normal routine I shall endeavour to complete Part 2 of ‘Plunderball’ and get it online. This means that I need to find someone to cast as Private Jacobs so I can shoot the outstanding scene. Any volunteers?

I leave you now with this photo from my holiday:

If you want to see more photos they are on my Facebook page. If you are not on Facebook (you both know who you are!) then I guess you’ll never see them! Hahaha! Unless, of course, I am feeling particularly generous when I next see you. After all, it would be unkind to deprive you of seeing photos of me!


Anonymous said...

You're 26 for goodness sake, only Michael Palin and David Attenborough were those clothes on holiday!

Dave said...

You forgot Roger Moore from your list!