Friday, 20 February 2009


I have finally decided to rewrite Episode 2 of The David Elworthy Series. I have been toying with the idea for a while now, and I ultimately decided to do it a few days ago.

It will still bear certain similarities to the original screenplay; DI Rhiannon Jones will still be Elworthy’s partner in the episode, Professor Richards will still be absent, and it will still be set in Cardiff. I will probably still keep the same alien villains too, though I will modify their evil plans to fit the new story.

I did not take the decision lightly as I was rather fond of the original screenplay; it was the first episode out of the whole series that was written, however my new idea fits in nicely with when it is set (you’ll see), and follows on from a few references that are made in Episode 1.

We had actually shot a couple of scenes from my original draft of Episode 2, which I fear some, if not all, will have to be scrapped. What I will do, however, is edit these scenes together and put them on YouTube as ‘Lost Footage’, just because I do rather like them, and because the actors involved in them deserve the credit they are due.

I am now busy writing the new screenplay, and will begin shooting as soon as possible. It will be called “From Vargonia With Love”.

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