Friday, 5 November 2010


Last week I saw The Sarah Jane Adventures episode, Death of the Doctor, which I thought was brilliant. It was amazing to see Jo Grant again; she hadn’t changed (well, except for the obvious aging, that is)!

However, what let the episode down for me was Colonel Tia Karim.

For a start, what the hell is she wearing? That’s not a military uniform; she looks like a reject from Topshop! Also, why is her hair down? Military regulations are very strict in that regard and all hair must be worn up when in uniform! And, if she is a colonel, why was she only wearing two rank pips (the insignia for a lieutenant! A colonel has two pips and a crown)? Is she even old enough to be a colonel?
Call me picky but for me such oversights let the episode down. In addition, I would have liked to know exactly why she had nothing left on Earth. What caused her to abandon UNIT in favour of the Shansheeth?


Zonkleton said...

Hi Dave,

I reckon maybe Col.Karim had recently found out that the Doctor was very friendly with Churchill - who of course was very dismissive of Indian desire for independence after WWII and very disrespectful of Gandhi.

Chances are that Col.Karim has Indian ancestry and her family may have suffered greatly during the religious violence that split India and Pakistan apart after the British left so haphazardly after granting independence. So she might have held a specific grudge.

Still, it was pretty shocking that slinky-petite Jo'n'Sarah couldn't have bodged up a bit and let her in for later arrest and court-martial. She might have been put in a cell with Morgaine and Mordred!

Indeed, being exploded is a bit of a horrific way to go on Sarah Jane Adventures, though Slitheen don't do too well there either (haven't they heard of raincoats?)

Terry O'Stereo said...

Who cares? She's hot!