Wednesday, 12 December 2007

They're Back!

Yay!! I have just read the latest Doctor Who: Monthly Magazine and UNIT are due to come back in next years Doctor Who Series!

In the words of Russel T Davies himself:

" A quick look at a random call sheet - it's for Tuesday 11 November - reveals eight scenes to be shot that day, all set within, wait for it, UNIT Mobile HQ. Yes, they're back! Properly! We've seen UNIT now and again since Doctor Who returned, but mostly in the background, keeping vigil during 'The Christmas Invasion', and onboard the Valiant in 'Last of the Time Lords'. But now they're centre stage! The call sheet includes such gems as ep. 5 sc. 44, and each scene has a one-line description; this one reads, 'Mace hears Ross call in, and declares a Code Red.' Ooh, and wait till you see what happens next..."

Sounds good! I can't wait!

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