Thursday, 26 June 2008

Making Headlines

In Episode 1, Professor Richards looks at the newspaper and complains that there is news about Wimbledon everywhere! I shot that scene over Christmas, except I didn't get a shot of the newspaper - so yesterday I put a front page together...

I used the name The Examiner after I saw a newspaper graphic from the BBC Doctor Who website. I got the idea of putting a box about Wimbledon above the main headline after a recent copy of The Metro did exactly the same thing. And since Episode 1 is set a year agao, I decided to make the main headline about the wet weather we had.

Below is a rough sketch of the newspaper page that I did in work.

I then realised that I would need a photo of a Tennis Player, so I took a picture of myself holding a Tennis Racket.

I then drew a headband on, and made my hair slightly longer in Photo Paint. It didn’t matter that the hair colour doesn’t match, because I figured it wouldn’t be noticeable on screen. I then put together the page using Coral Draw. The picture of the Unicorn and the people with umbrellas were just random stock photos from the Internet. Finally, I didn’t want to write a report on the soggy summer, so having seen ‘Turn Left’ recently, I just stuck a paragraph of Bad Wolf!

The finished page…

And here is a screenshot of the paper as it appears in the episode…

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