Monday, 19 November 2007

Film Footage

Editing is now, more or less, complete on the footage from the weekend. Here are some stills:

This is a UNIT document from Episode 1 (I don’t know how legible the writing is in this shot – but it cannot be read on screen and is just a load of nonsense that I typed out).

These are shots from Episode 4, which form the other half of the scene that I shot two weeks ago.

And these are from Episode 3.

These shots are also from Episode 3, and involve the first appearance of the Dalek. However, as you can see, they are a little dark. One of the two bulbs in my parents’ garage was missing so there was not as much light as there had been previously, plus it was horrible and overcast outside so there was very little natural light either.

In a way it looks quite atmospheric – unfortunately in the previous scene, Professor Richards is in the same garage, only it is nicely lit!!
Depending on the time available – and if Dave, Sarah and Harry don’t mind – I may reshoot a number of these shots over Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Oh no!! someone got sucked!!!!

I hope AHHHH! MY EYE!!!!!!! Made it on somewhere...

Mr Dan

Anonymous said...

Oh no, you aren't going to make me sucker someone's face off again are you? You know how I hate that!