Thursday, 1 November 2007


Greetings everyone!

Welcome to my Blog! This is to keep everyone informed about the progress of my ‘David Elworthy’ fan films – and perhaps other Elworthy related projects!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The David Elworthy Series, it was originally a comic strip I drew, that was a cross between James Bond and Doctor Who (although the Doctor wasn’t actually in it, so it was more like James Bond in the Doctor Who universe). The protagonist, David Elworthy, is a Captain in the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. He works for UNIT’s Special Operations Branch (which I invented as an excuse to send him on James Bond style adventures!)

Whilst at University (about 5 years ago – studying Film & Animation) I made a Sci-Fi fan-film (mostly based on Star Trek), which was immense fun to do! Then a couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to make another fan film, and I elected to base it on my Elworthy comic – hence the series was born.

There are already two trailers (A teaser and a longer version) up on YouTube, and I hope to have part 1 of Episode 1 up before this year is out! The links to the trailers are below:

As of the date of my writing this, the state of the films so far is as follows:

Episode 1:
Written, though filming hasn’t yet begun (which is somewhat worrying as I now have less than two months to put the first part online!)

Episode 2:
Written and a number of scenes shot.

Episode 3:
Written, and over 50% has been shot. This is the episode closest to completion.

Episodes 4 & 5:
(A two-parter) Written, with some filming planned for Christmas.

Episodes 6 & 8:

Episodes 11 & 13:
Planned and partially written

Episodes 7, 9, 10 & 12:
Planned but not yet written.

The problem with the filming schedule is that the majority of the cast are all my old school friends, and since we all moved away to university and beyond a good number of years ago, we are spread all around the country! We all come from (and went to school in) Lichfield, Staffordshire, but are now located all around the UK. I myself live in Cardiff, with my friends living in a variety of locales such as York, Aberystwyth, Aberdeen, London etc. This means that filming takes place over Christmas, and at various stages in the year when I can arrange to meet up!

However, we persevere!!! Although, had I decided to make these films 7 or 8 years ago (when we were all still at school) they would probably be finished now (of course, I didn’t have the experience back then that I do now – but that is beside the point)
In fact, I did try and make a film when we were all in school and it got no further than the development stage!!!! Ah well!

I will update on here as soon as there are any further developments!

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Well done dave keep up the good work!