Saturday, 10 November 2007

Shooting Schedule

All being well I shall be shooting another scene tomorrow. It will be scenes from the Teaser of Episode 1 – so it is practically the scene that will open the whole series.

The location for the shoot will be a Mechanic’s Garage and the surrounding street (which is the business owned by my Girlfriend’s Father). I have been having a few issues with getting enough cast members together for it, but hopefully that particular problem has been solved, thanks to my girlfriend's cousin who has very kindly stepped into the last vacant role.

The only other thing I should mention is that this scene is meant to take place in spring / early summer, so I hope the weather holds out! I would have filmed it earlier in the year, but first I had to change the location of the shoot (from my Father’s office in the Midlands, to Vicki’s Father’s garage in Wales), and I then had to slightly rewrite the scene to account for the casting issues (originally Sergeant Edwards was to have a larger part in it than he does, which resulted in the creation of the character of Corporal Lambert).
The only issue with this out of season shooting, though, is that the cast will need to be dressed for warmer weather than we actually have (in one part I have to strip down to just a T shirt!). I just hope the sun is kind to us!!

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